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10 Charms To Celebrate International Womens Day

10 Charms To Celebrate International Womens Day

In honor of International Women's Day, we rounded up some of our favorite charms to inspire you. Our jewelry collection is designed to empower women. Many of our charm necklaces are inspired by mythical women from the past - like Greek Goddesses such as Iris and Athena - as well as animals that represent some of the qualities we value as women. The below charm necklaces are some of our favorites...

Queen Bee Charm

Sterling Silver Queen Bee Charm with Sapphires


Our Queen Bee charm necklace is an eternal favorite, and never ceases to inspire women to feel like a Queen Bee every day.

Go Your Own Way Medallion

Go Your Own Way Medallion


The newest medallion in our collection features the words: "Go Your Own Way". There are so many expectations and pressures put onto women, and we strive to always remember to go our own way no matter what others think.

Grace charm necklace

Grace 'Dragonfly' Necklace


Grace can mean so many different things. We like to think all women are incredibly graceful in their own way, and this dragonfly necklace is the perfect embodiment of that.

Octopus charm necklace

'Intuition' Octopus Charm Necklace


As women, one of our most valued qualities is our intuition. This necklace is a wonderful reminder that if we look within and follow our hearts, we usually know the answer.

W initial charm

Mini 'W' White Enamel Initial Charm


What better initial to wear - besides your own - than a W? Our initial charm necklaces are the perfect way to show you're proud of being a woman.

Fish charm necklace

Mini Perseverance Fish Charm Necklace


Above all else, we as women strive to persevere through all the ups and downs life brings. Fish always swim forward, so this charm necklace provides us with a beautiful reminder of that.

Venus charm necklace

Venus Charm Necklace


Venus, the Goddess of beauty and love, inspired this stunning and empowering charm necklace. It's a true statement piece for any jewelry lover.

Dorothy medallion

Dorothy Medallion with Diamonds


The ultimate 'woman' medallion in our collection is probably this one, which reads 'You Had The Power All Along, My Dear'. What better words to read every day to remind you of your power as a woman?

Iris rainbow charm

Iris Rainbow Goddess Charm


Iris is the Goddess of the rainbow and messenger of the sky and land, and is often described as wearing a coat of many colors, as all of us women do.

Carpe diem necklace

Carpe Diem Sapphire Charm Necklace


Woman or not, there's no better daily reminder than Carpe Diem. We love this sentiment and remind ourselves of it each and every day!