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10 Silver Pendant Necklaces That Shine

10 Silver Pendant Necklaces That Shine

Our sterling silver jewelry is over ninety percent pure silver, making it incredible quality that will truly last and not tarnish over time. This is one of the many reasons we're particulrly fond of out sterling silver pendant necklaces, which not only can be worn every day with just about anything, but shine when they are on your neck. Here are ten of our favorites...

Queen Bee pendant

Queen Bee Pendant with Sapphires


Be the queen bee with this delicate and playful sterling silver pendant. It's a great addition to any empowering jewelry wardrobe and makes you feel like a queen every day.

Apollo pendant

Apollo Bow and Arrow Pendant Necklace


This is one of our favorite silver pendant necklaces because the style suits silver so well. It's sleek design and unique style make it a beautiful stand-alone piece that will capture people's attention.

Adventure compass pendant

Adventure Global Compass Pendant with Sapphires


Our sterling silver global compass charm is a meaninngful piece for anyone who loves to travel and adventure. Our sterling silver is durable and high quality, so you can wear it with you on all of your adventures and trust that it will age well.

Evil eye necklace

Mini Protect Evil Eye Pendant Necklace


This mini pendant necklace is the perfect every day piece. It's full of meaning and is a powerful pendant to add to your jewelry wardrobe. Wear it each day to feel protected from whatever you feel takes away your power.

Love pendant necklace

Mini 'Love' Pendant


The perfect gift for anyone you love, this sweet 'love' pendant is both charming and effortlessly cool, We love it's slightly deco style, and the fact that it looks beautiful from every angle.

Star pendant necklace

My Sun Moon and Stars Pendant Necklace


This two tone sterling silver pendant necklace showcases a multi-dimensional sun, moon and star. It's subtle design marries all three, creating an empowering piece for any dreamer or lover of all things astrology.

Moon pendant necklace

Pave Moon Pendant


This.unique moon pendant is unlike any of our other moon charms or pendants in the way it is shaped, making it a truly unique statement piece. This pendant necklace really stands out on the neck and speaks to so many people.

Cross pendant

White Saphhire Cross Pendant Necklace


The white sapphires really make this cross pendant neckace as beautiful as it can be. It's delicate but large enough to make a statment, and looks amazing on its own or with other pieces. The beauty of sterling silver is that you can were it anywhere - day or night. It can be dressed up, or dressed down - especially this very elegant necklace

Paw print pendant

Paw Print Pendant Necklace with Sapphires


This adorable sterling silver pendant necklace is perfect for any dog lover. Monica wears her paw pendant on her charm bracelet, and had it inscribed with the names of all of her dogs, giving it that extra personalized touch.

Half locket necklace

Two-Tone Round Buckle Half Locket Pendant


Show everyone your story with this half locket necklace. The large buckle design is so chic, and is the perfect compliment to whichever photo you choose to share with the world.

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