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23 Charms and Charm Necklaces To Inspire Mom This Mother's Day

23 Charms and Charm Necklaces To Inspire Mom This Mother's Day

This Mother's Day, Mom deserves a gift that will inspire and empower her. Our charms and charm necklaces offer many meaningful reminders and bits of inspiration for Mom during these challenging time. We've put together a charm gift guide for Mother's Day with gift ideas we love that will remind her to dream, persevere, adventure, feel powerful and most importantly, love...

Perseverance drawing

Gift Mom a charm necklace or charm that will encourage her to persevere. Remind her that she can make it through anything, and you will always be there to cheer her on. The below charm necklaces will do just that...

Carpe diem fob charm
Carpe Diem Charm
Never fear charm
Fish charm necklace

'Perseverance' White Ceramic Fish Charm

Adventure drawing

Now is the time to create adventures in your own backyard, and plan adventures for the future, whether they involve travel or not. Whether it's with a travel charm necklace, like our compass charm, or a locket charm to keep a photo from a special day, pick a charm necklace that will remind Mom that adventure is one of the biggest and most exciting parts of life, even if it's just your daily walk down the street.


Hot air balloon adventure charm necklace
Curiosity charm necklace
Compass travel charm
My earth charm necklace
Pinstripe locket charm
Powerful woman drawing

Now is the time to remind Mom that she has the power to do absolutely anything. Gift her one of our power charm necklaces so that when she looks down each day - particularly on tougher days - she'll know she has the power within her to do anything...


Dorothy medallion
Queen been charm necklace
Octopus charm necklace
The time is now charm
Dream drawing

It's important to remember to be creative, let your mind wander, and dream. Taking a few minutes to daydream each day and remember to reach for the stars is an important part of life, and Mom deserves to do this more than anyone. Pick a charm necklace from our sun, moon and stars collection and remind Mom that dreaming is something you should do daily, whether it's together or on her own - maybe after you bring her breakfast in bed on a special day, and give her a moment to herself...


Sun moon and stars medallion
Happiness sun key charm
Constellation charm
Mother of pearl sun and star charm
Dream moon necklace
Love is everything drawing

Remind Mom that love is the most important thing. Gift her one of our love charms or a locket necklace with a special photo you know she'll cherish. Tell Mom that, particularly in hard times, love will carry us through...


Half locket floral locket
Heart charm necklace
Gold locket charm
Love charm necklace
Mosaic half locket necklace

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