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3 Ways To Wear A Mini Pocket Watch Key

3 Ways To Wear A Mini Pocket Watch Key

Our Pocket Watch key collection is inspired by the keys men used at the turn of the century to wind their pocket watches. These iconic and timeless pieces get a feminine and modern refresh with our mini Pocket Watch keys, which are perfect for layering, pairing with your favorite charms, and wearing daily. Here are 3 of our favorite ways to style them...


Mini pocket watch key layered with other chains


Wear your silver mini pocket watch key on a short chain, and layer it will other shorter chains for a cool, layered look. Here, we're showing it with a silver poesy ring, and you can accomplish this same look with any ring on a chain. We love this over a casual white t-shirt for a younger and fresh feel. (Flower optional!)


Mini pocket watch key on a charm chain


Wear your mini pocket watch key (compass key shown here) on your favorite charm chain, with another charm that tells your story and speaks to the themes of your life. Are you a Mom? Pair it with a locket. Into celestial charms? Showcase your favorite sun, moon or stars charm. Wear it with a bright colored blouse that shows off your personal style.


Mini pocket watch key paired with other charms

Our favorite way to wear charms? Multiple charms on multiple chains. Animal charms, locket charms, celestial charms, modern charms...the possibilities for pairing you pocket watch key are endless. You can do this with short layers and a simple tank, or long layers and chains under a blazer.


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