6 Unique Bridal Necklaces

6 Unique Bridal Necklaces

When creating your wedding jewelry look, we'd recommend looking at pieces that really feel unique and one-of-a-kind. If there were ever a day to stand out, this is the one. Here are 6 unique bridal necklaces to wear on your big day...

Petite Gold and Diamond Star Necklace


This gold and diamond star necklace will make you feel like the star that you are on your wedding day. The diamond accents and 18k gold make this a special and beautiful piece that you'll have long after your wedding day.

I Love You More Engraved Poesy Ring


Why not wear something with a personal and loving sentiment inside? Our I Love You More poesy ring is the perfect compliment to a romantic bridal look and evokes the past with its whimsy.

Stone locket

Elle Slim Stone Locket in White Gold


White gold is perfect for a bridal look, and we love this stone locket which feels both nostalgic and modern. Keep a love note from your significant other inside when you walk down the aisle.

Love charm necklace

Mini Love Charm


Our mini love charm is the perfect charm necklace for the bride who wants to have a little fun with her look. It's a cheeky nod to your big day and a beautiful 18k gold charm that you can wear forever, and easily dress down in in the future.

Sun moon stars necklace

Sun Moon and Stars 18" necklace


The sun, moon and stars always evoke romance for us, and we love this short delicate chain peppered with discreet diamond moons, suns and stars. It's the perfect unique necklace choice for the bride who loves all things dreamy.

Gold and diamond locket necklace

Catherine Staggered Diamond Locket


This show-stopping locket is a statement piece that you can hand down for generations to come. It's a family heirloom in the making, and you'll no doubt tell your children stories about how you wore it on one of the most important days of your life.

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