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A Charmed Life: Sea Charms for Old Hollywood

A Charmed Life: Sea Charms for Old Hollywood

This fall we were inspired by our sea charms one-of-a-kind collection, which evokes colors and tones from the ocean. The collection inspired four very special everyday charms; fitting for anyone whose heart belongs to the sea. The ocean’s filled with some of our favorite symbols, so what symbol would you give – well – a symbol?

Ever inspired by timeless old Hollywood, we couldn’t help but ask ourselves which of our charms we’d give to which old Hollywood starlet. Who evoked the sensitivity of the starfish? The one-of-a-kind nature  of the pave fish?  The quiet patience of a sea horse? Here’s what icons we thought embodied each…

To the iconic Audrey Hepburn we’d no doubt give our Seahorse charm. The seahorse symbolizes patience and grace as they roam the seas at a gentle speed, but always achieve their goals. To us, Hepburn embodied quiet grace, patience and poise under pressure.

To the ever-beautiful Grace Kelly, we’d give the starfish. They’re known to be sensitive, beautiful and delicate creatures –all qualities we think of when hypnotized by movies like To Catch a Thief, Rear Window, and High Noon.

To Katherine Hepburn we’d give our Octopus intuition charm. The Octopus senses everything in it’s surroundings and seems to effortlessly glide around the ocean in constant magical motion. We couldn’t help but think of the way Hepburn glided, gracefully bounced and bantered around the sets of movies like A Philadelphia Story or Bringing up Baby. There’s surely not another actress more fitting to this charm.

To Marilyn Monroe we’d no doubt give our one-of-a-kind pave fish charm. The one white diamond fish swims in a golden school with the crowd, but always remains true to itself. Didn’t Monroe do just that?