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A Closer Look Into Our 2015 Jewelry Print Ad Campaign

“Dresses come and go, but fine jewelry stays with us through every age.” –Kelly Framel

The launch for our spring 2015 Jewelry Print Ad Campaign has finally come! Take a look into some of the behind the scenes footage, decisions and moments that made it all come together.

Working with The Glamourai and Ann Street Studio

The choice to work with Kelly, the visionary behind The Glamourai and Jamie, the woman with the extraordinary eye of Ann Street studio, came together flawlessly. We have previously worked with Kelly for a piece on Get to Know: Monica Rich Kosann for her site and when she introduced us to Jamie we knew that we had met a fabulous creative duo. This is the first advertising campaign conceived and directed by these two leaders from the digital fashion space.

"My fine jewelry is all about storytelling... Kelly and Jamie completely understand the brand and came up with the perfect concept for the 2015 Advertising Campaign." - Monica Rich Kosann

We shot the campaign in January, on a Connecticut estate. Kelly’s styling choices and Jamie’s photography captured the true essence of the Monica Rich Kosann brand. The campaign concept spans generations and tells the unique story of each woman through her jewelry. Kelly and Jamie approached the campaign images like family snapshots and explored the ways in which Monica Rich Kosann jewelry weaves its way into the lives of different women throughout the ages.

“We casted two women for the shoot to make it multigenerational, something that is integral to the Monica Rich Kosann brand which we also felt represented the storytelling quality of her jewelry.” –Jamie Beck



The process of deciding which photos made the cut was difficult. Kelly had her favorites, Jamie had hers and we had ours. Ultimately, decisions we’re made, photos were cut and our spring ad campaign blossomed.

Back at the Monica Rich Kosann offices, our team came to an agreement that we loved four specific photos. We wanted the images we chose to showcase our top categories of products- pieces that really speak to our customers. Each image is dramatic, powerful and beautiful.

Here are our final four photos that make up the Monica Rich Kosann Spring 2015 Print Ad Campaign.




Behind the scenes:

Behind The Scenes: Unlock MRK

Behind The Scenes: Unlock MRK

Behind The Scenes: Unlock MRK
Behind The Scenes: Unlock MRK

Behind The Scenes: Unlock MRK

Behind The Scenes: Unlock MRK

Behind The Scenes: Unlock MRK

More from the shoot: