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A Possession Obsession by Monica Rich Kosann copyright © 2016,published by Glitterati Incorporated

Monica Rich Kosann's new book, A Possession Obsession, is inspired by the meaning people attach to their most treasured personal possessions, jewelry designer and portrait photographer Monica Rich Kosann set out to chronicle, in words and images, the stories of such cherished belongings.

A Possession Obsession, is a stunning photographic collection that features interviews with such varied figures as Usher Raymond, Bobbi Brown, Christian Siriano and Isaac Mizrahi. The wonderful portraits that emerged shed a gently revealing light on what lies behind their public personas, but more importantly, on the universal human urge to hold material things dear not for their outward value but for their emotional significance.

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Here's a sneak peek!


What was the most memorable gift you’ve ever given or received?
"Jewelry to my daughters-in-law when they gave birth."- Beatrix Ost


How did you come to own your possession?
"I took possession of my father’s glasses when he died twenty-fiveyears ago."- Judge Judy


How do you live with your heirloom?
"My Prince head moves around quite a bit. He is currently in the bookshelf. Before that, he lay on our ping-pong table."- Simon Doonan