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A Possession Obsession | Anna Sui

A Possession Obsession | Anna Sui

Inspired by the deeper meaning attached to treasured possessions, jewelry designer and portrait photographer Monica Rich Kosann set out to chronicle the stories of such cherished belongings. Spending time with more than sixty-five intriguing personalities, celebrities, and thought leaders resulted in A Possession Obsession: What We Cherish and Why, a stunning photographic collection that transcends materialism and explores the secrets and stories behind beloved personal items.

This reoccurring column is an ongoing passion of Monica's to continue to chronicle people with what they cherish. Each month, a new person will be featured as a glimpse into A Possession Obsession.


How did you come to own your possession?
I've always collected papier-mache millenary display heads and pincushions I found in the flea markets (particularly the charming ones from the 1960s, producced by Gemma Taccogna in Mexico).

Describe your ideal day?

On the weekends, I enjoy seeing friends, going to the movies, shopping, visiting museums and trying new restaurants.

What was your last purchase that you believe will mean something to you ten years from now?

Black pearls from my trip to Tahiti.

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