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A Possession Obsession: Brandon Holley

A Possession Obsession: Brandon Holley

Editor-in-Chief of Lucky Magazine, Brandon Holley, has an extremely unique possession obsession. There's a kind of narrative that involves a Father in dentistry, melted down gold fillings, her horse's initials and a special birthday message - all ending in a very special necklace. As an editor, Holley is a perpetual curator, selecting and sorting through what's relevant. We decided to turn the tables on Holley for a photo shoot and a chat about what she covets...

How did you come to own your heirloom?

My dad gave me my heirloom for my sixteenth birthday. He was a dentist and the necklace is made out of solid gold fillings that he bought back from his patients. He melted the gold down, poured it into a metal cast of a unicorn and engraved it with my horse Turning Point’s initials and a special birthday message for me.

How do you live with your heirloom?

I usually wear my necklace with turtlenecks and plain t-shirts. It is very heavy!

Who in your life has most influenced your personal style and taste?

Music has been the most influential part of my personal style and taste. I have always been a fan of the styles of strong female artists like Patti Smith and Kim Gordon ever since I saw Sonic Youth when I was fifteen.

Fill in the blank: Whenever I look at a _______ I can’t help but smile. 

My son Smith - aside from the amazingly stylish editors at Lucky.

What’s the best part of your day? 

The best part of my workday is having all of the editors gather around the table as we go through looks. We love to talk about how women dress. The best part of my personal day is waking up my son in the morning.

Describe your ideal day.

My perfect day is at the East Deck Motel in Montauk, New York surrounded by my friends and their kids. I love waking up, getting some coffee, walking on the beach and collecting shells, followed by grilling out back at sunset as all the kids run around, playing and laughing.

What is your favorite place to shop for antique/vintage pieces?

I love Porte de Clignancourt in Paris and a place near where my in-laws live in Wexford, PA called Wexford General Store Antiques.

What was the most memorable gift you’ve ever given or received?

Early on in our relationship, my husband gave me a little cross on a chain that was so dainty and perfect for me. It made me feel like I had found the right guy.

What was your last purchase that you believe will mean something to you 10 yearsfrom now?

When I was in Clignancourt I went into a tiny shop called Marché Paul Bert, which specializes in vintage Hermes, Goyard and Louis Vuitton jewelry. They also carry vintage luggage and handbags. I bought an Hermes cuff there from the 1960s on a rainy day between fashion shows that I wear almost daily.

*Photo by Monica Rich Kosann