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A Possession Obsession | Jamie Beck

A Possession Obsession | Jamie Beck

Inspired by the deeper meaning attached to treasured possessions, jewelry designer and portrait photographer Monica Rich Kosann set out to chronicle the stories of such cherished belongings. Spending time with more than sixty-five intriguing personalities, celebrities, and thought leaders resulted in A Possession Obsession: What We Cherish and Why, a stunning photographic collection that transcends materialism and explores the secrets and stories behind beloved personal items.
This reoccurring column is an ongoing passion of Monica's to continue to chronicle people with what they cherish. Each month, a new person will be featured as a glimpse into A Possession Obsession.

How did you come to own your possession?
I have always dreamed about owning the Pentax 67 since I first fell in love with photography. This particular camera, used famously by fashion photographers of the 1990s, is the medium format version of the 35mm Pentax camera I first began shooting on (and still to this day shoot with from time to time). After some financial success, I was able to buy one of my own. When the man at the photo store brought out the body, it was like, for me, having a child. I loved it instantly, and when I first held it, it felt like we had always been together.

How do you live with your heirloom?

I use this camera on more intimate and thoughtful shoots, where I’m looking for a deeper connection with the subject. Older film cameras themselves are such beautifully designed pieces of machinery that when I’m not working with it, I keep it on a shelf in my library displayed next to books by my favorite photographers to constantly keep me visually connected to both my work and my ideas.

Who in your life has most influenced your personal style and taste?

My grandmother was a huge influence on me because I admired her so much. I think in a lot of ways her approach to dressing influenced my ideals of style. There is a respect for yourself and for the people around you that is expressed by how you present yourself, and I learned these ideals from her at a very young age. Taste, on the other hand, comes from a different place than influence. Taste is something you are born with that manifests itself outwardly in many different ways. The most obvious for me is through my photographs. You can see my taste in any of my shots.

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