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A Possession Obsession: Laura Benanti

A Possession Obsession: Laura Benanti

We've been longtime admirers of tony-award-winning actress and singer Laura Benanti, who Monica included in her book A Possession Obsession: What We Cherish And Why. The Broadway star is not only talented, but an incredible role model for aspiring performers. (Her recent Instagram initiative, #SunshineSongs, has given an online voice to young performers whose high school musicals were cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak). Read below for the interview on her most precious heirloom, originally featured in Monica's book...


How did you come to own your possession?


After my divorce, my mom, dad and sister gave me one ring from each of them to symbolize the unity of our family.


How do you live with your heirloom?


I wear it every day.


Who in your life has most influenced your personal style and taste? 


My girlfriends: Celia, Kelly, and Sarah.


Fill in the blank: Whenever I look at _____________________ I can't help but smile.


A baby.


What is the best part of your day?


My meditation.


Describe your ideal day.


Wake up in the country next to my fiancé Patrick, make a delicious cup of tea, and sit outside in a rocking chair while I sip it. Go for a walk, come back and make brunch. Go to a lake or stream, swim, read, and take a nap. Come back and make fresh local dinner, share it with my friends and family and then play games until my stomach hurts from laughing and I collapse into my comfortable bed comfortably exhausted.


What is you favorite place to shop for antique/vintage pieces? It can be anywhere in the world.


I am a horrible shopper. My mom loves to do that. The thought of antiquing makes me break out in hives.


What what the most memorable gift you've ever given or received?


I'm not sure of the most memorable gift I have given. I would hate to name something and have the recipient read this and think "yeah...not so much." I have been lucky enough to receive many thoughtful gifts throughout the course of my life - the rings from my family being among them. My grandmother wrote out the story of her life and gave it to me. I find that incredibly memorable.


What was your last purchase that you believe will mean something to you ten years from now?


Our apartment.


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