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A Possession Obsession: Rosanna Scotto

A Possession Obsession: Rosanna Scotto

American News Anchor Rosanna Scotto of Good Day New York is a hugely popular city reporter - no doubt known for her fun, sympatico nature on and off the camera. Growing up in a close-knit Italian American family, Scotto is the perfect example of one's family and story always being in style. Scotto has been showered with accolades for her on-air performance, one of which includes the coveted Emmy Award. Monica photographed Scotto in her personal space with this possession obsession - a symbol of her past, present and future.

1.What is your possession obsession?

My Emmy Award

2. Tell us how you came to own this precious object.

It took nine nominations before I finally won. Ironically, I was filling in as the host on Good Day New York when I won for breaking news. Years later, I was offered the job on Good Day NY full time.

3. How do you live with your possession obsession?

It's in my office where I see it every day. A subtle reminder to give it my best every day.

4. Fill in the blank: Whenever I look at _______, I can’t help but smile.

My children

5. What is the best part of your day?

When I wake up at 4:30 every morning, I have gotten myself in the habit of saying thanks and remembering all the good things in my life. It sets the tone for the day.

6. What was the most memorable gift you’ve ever given or received?

My parents have given me mementos from my grandmothers who passed before I was born. I was particularly pleased to get a very ornate perfume bottle in its original box. I can really visualize my grandmother Rose from breathing in the scent.