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Art Basel 2012

Art Basel 2012

1352478281.8234_6_o-1024x664-610x395 1352899900.2035_6_o-1024x703-610x418 sally-mann1-1024x834-610x496The globally renowned Art Basel Miami kicks off it's 11th edition today - a day we consider a kind of national holiday. Largely known as the most prestigious art show in the Americas, it's vast selection from the best galleries in the country never fails to disappoint. It seems the bourgeoning art community in Miami continues to grow at an astounding rate, attracting even the most steadfast New Yorkers to it's doorstep each and every year. The show hosts audiences from all walks of life. underscoring art's ability to gather people from all over. One could say it's a modern day Woodstock, which is why we curated our picks from some of our favorites. If you are going to invest in a piece there, here are some of the photographs we wanted to steer you towards...


Sally Mann: Candy Cigarette, Edward Hopper: Toward Boston, Simon Cantemir Hausì: Untitled (Pool)Andreas Gursky: Bangkok VIEdward Steichen: Greta Garbo, Hollywood