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#BTS of the 2016 Ad campaign

#BTS of the 2016 Ad campaign


Styled by Micaela Erlanger & Photographed by Grant Legan
Select photos by Monica Rich Kosann

"MRK is timeless, elegant and personal. Our pieces never go out of style and therefore they are truly a modern heirloom." -Monica Rich Kosann

We’re giving you a look into all of the behind the scenes action of our 2016 advertising and marketing campaign from the preparation to the final shots.

“My philosophy when designing jewelry has always been that it’s not just for one generation…it’s great for a mom and for her daughters as well. We have, in the past, used 2 generations in our advertising and marketing...this year we decided to include 3 …showing how they wear it, and live in it.”
-Monica Rich Kosann

The Location: A Waterfront Estate

“We found a beautiful setting, a family home, and created lifestyle shots that tell a generational story.” -Monica Rich Kosann


The Models



"The idea for the shoot was about them sharing their secrets, celebrations and stories together, while all looking so amazing in the pieces." -Monica Rich Kosann

The Stylist: Micaela Erlanger



The Photographer: Grant Legan




Behind The Scenes


The Final Ads