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Celestial Charms and The Summer Solstice

Celestial Charms and The Summer Solstice


The Summer Solstice is upon us: It's a time for patience, reflection and the art of "slowing down" which of course can be very hard to be good at! All in all, it makes us feel dreamy and mystical, because it has everything to do with what's going on in the sky - and on July 2nd we'll also get to witness a solar eclipse. That brings us to our Sun Moon and Stars collection, part of our recent foray into celestial charms.

The celestial charm collection is a reminder of the light in each of us (yes, we all have a sun within us) and it tells our story. This “midsummer” time seems the perfect time to peruse the collection, a reminder to look up (not always down at our phones!). The Sun, Moon and Stars Collection was created to empower us, encourage us to follow our dreams, and to tell someone we love them to the moon and back...


Celestial Charms

Here are some of our favorites celestial charms, that we'll be wearing to ring in the summer solstice. Style your celestial charms with anything - mix them with your lockets and vintage charms, wear them alone on a necklace or add them to a charm bracelet...


The Dream Moon Charm


The Sun, Moon & Stars Medallion


The Mother of Pearl Sun and Stars Charm


The 'My Stars' Constellation Charm