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Coveted: One-of-a-Kind "Secret" Ring

Coveted: One-of-a-Kind "Secret" Ring

If you had a ring that bore a secret message, what would it say? An Oscar Wilde Quote? A date representing a special anniversary? Or perhaps your personal mantra.

One of our favorite one-of-a-kinds in the MRK collection is just that; a ring that holds a secret. You can pick what goes inside, so just how that secret is different from person to person, no one-of-a-kind is the same as anything else. This one in particular comes in the form of a Center Trapiche Emerald with Diamonds on the Sides and Cabochon Accents. It wasn't always a perfect emerald; like anything else it began with inspirations and sketches. Peruse through the journey of this one and only one of a kind...