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How To Make A Customized Pendant

How To Make A Customized Pendant

As a jewelry designer creating a customized pendant with clients is one of my most favorite challenges. Every customer has their own incredible story, and listening to her likes, dreams and challenges makes me part designer but also part confidant and friend.


I try to understand the wants and needs of my clients. How do they live? How do they dress? What is important to them in life? What will motivate them and make them feel so incredibly empowered with their customized pendant that they never want to take it off! If I were to make one for myself it would have to be a piece that totally motivates me. My glass is always half full so I just need a pendant that would reflect my philosophy on life which is to just keep persevering and never give up. What form would it be in? What design direction would best capture that philosophy?


I might want to create a special locket for myself…this way I can change the images inside depending on where I am in in my life. I probably would create a custom locket necklace that might have some vintage diamonds on the piece…I love anything vintage and knowing there are diamonds that already lived a life intrigues me to continue their story! And in a sense, to persevere.

Here are some other thoughts if I were creating a customized pendant within some of the collections and categories within which we work as a brand.


Locket Pendant Necklaces


I would ask my client what she wanted to hold dear in her locket necklace. Questions I’d ask; do we want the piece to be a classic piece? Should it incorporate color? Or, should in include gemstones? I truly enjoy working with gemstones that a client might love as they often have a reason why that stone is special. That makes the decision a wonderful inspiration. Maybe the gemstone colors take us to places my clients might want to be, seaside, the mountains, a private place? Then we can decide if we will add diamonds to the piece and should it be in yellow gold, rose gold or even white gold. I once did a custom locket in white gold and we incorporated the birthstone of every important person in the clients’ life into the piece.

Charm Pendants


Not every woman might want a locket, perhaps a really cool charm incorporating symbols, iconic themes words to live by. A mantra perhaps, or maybe a symbol that is meaningful to her. I once created a very special charm for a man for his wife. It was a special anniversary, and we created a bracelet with charms from all over the globe that reflected their travels. One charm said specifically “around the world with Catherine in 30 years”. It was incredibly thoughtful and sentimental.


Diamond Pendants


Every woman loves to work with diamonds, as do I. Diamonds make all jewelry look beautiful. For a custom diamond pendant, I want to know will it hold one special diamond, many stones, or maybe even a vintage diamond. There are so many choices here, but when it is custom the creativity sees no end. I love the idea of creating a diamond pendant representing the stars, moon and sun. Anything from our galaxy is endearing. I love you to the moon and back!


Gold or Silver Pendant


An 18K gold or silver pendant could work as well. I once created a hummingbird pendant for a woman who founded a foundation inspired by the Hummingbirds. We did it in both silver and gold. It was very important to her and she wore it every day.


Animal Pendant


Animals are always inspirational. I like to take the special traits from the animals and incorporate them into the design. Like a lion for instance. What better symbol for a woman who wants to be strong and courageous. A great mane on the lion’s face can make it bold perhaps and give the piece texture.

I also love to design birds and fish, they have so much symbolism. To persevere, to fly and move on.


What are the themes you might incorporate into your customized pendant?

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