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Exhibit: Egon Schiele's Women

Exhibit: Egon Schiele's Women

web_279_x_431Austrian Artist Egon Schiele is best known for his varied representations of women. This month marks the end of his exhibit at Galerie St. Etienne, the most in-depth look into his work since a 2005 Neue Galerie exhibition. The show ends on December 28th, and seems to underscore Schiele's ability to put women of his time into a light that was not so black and white. Whether that light was positive or negative, the gallery's owner, Jane Kallir, has reiterated that Schiele's approach to women was far more progressive than we might think. She's highlighted this in her book about the artist - Egon Schiele's Women - where she outlines the differences of Schiele's work with women than that of his contemporaries. Here are some of our favorites from the exhibition; it's definitely worth a visit to cap off the holiday season...


1) Standing Woman in Green Shirt, 1914 2) Portrait of Elisabeth Lederer, 1913 3) Girl in Polka-Dot Dress, 1911

*Photos from Galerie St. Etienne