Finding the Gold Pendant that Is Right for You

Finding the Gold Pendant that Is Right for You

What does that Gold Pendant Represent?


When looking for that ideal gold pendant there are many fine jewelry choices available, and we thought it would be worthwhile to share some of our ideas for finding just the right style. We always like to start with the question of what is happening in each of our lives at the moment, and how a certain jewelry design might empower or inspire us on the road currently being traveled in our life journey. We think that if a pendant, particularly one that can be worn every day as a pendant necklace, represents our story, then that is the first step in considering a design we will cherish for years to come.


So, what are some of our favorite gold pendant choices?


The Locket Pendant Necklace


A gold locket is a piece that has been part of jewelry history for centuries. Since we launched our brand, the locket necklace has been the foundation of our collections. It is a gold pendant option (in our case 18k gold) that represents the ultimate in personal storytelling as each person will customize their locket with the photographs or words that are uniquely theirs. To make the locket pendant experience even more special, we created The Locket Bar, an application that allows you to customize your locket in minutes from your any of your devices.


The Charm Pendant Necklace


What charm are you? It is a question we like to ask as all of our charms have grand themes, meanings and ideas behind them. In that respect, they are pendants that strongly represent something about the woman who is wearing them. With themes like Carpe Diem (Seize the Day), Never Fear, Dream, and Adventure, just to name a few, the wearer can find their gold pendant necklace to be an everyday source of inspiration and empowerment. Depending on their size and scale, these necklaces can be worn short and layered with other cherished pieces, or worn long as a statement piece that over time might become one’s own signature jewelry style.


The Diamond Pendant Necklace


While there are so many diamond and gold pendant options we could share, we wanted to focus on one of our favorite diamond pendant groupings in particular. They are the petite diamond pendants that so many of us have been wearing as 24/7 every day jewelry styles for centuries. They might include our favorite diamond cross, or other symbol, that for many of us may even be a family heirloom piece passed down through generations. Within our own collection, the diamond critters are the most delicate, barely there collection of gold pendant necklaces. Available in 18k white, rose and yellow gold, these necklaces have their meanings stamped on tags by the closure. Words like Grace, Balance and Luck, say something about the person who purchases one for themselves or receives them as a gift. These can be layered with our other petite diamond pendants like the Queen Bee and Compass to create a multi layered story.


Pendants and pendant necklaces have a long, rich history. They have been ever present in our collective jewelry boxes. There are perfect choices for every age, and for every stage of one’s life journey. For the new Mom, a locket is an inspiring choice. For that woman embarking on a new career, what could be more empowering than a Carpe Diem charm necklace. The possibilities are limitless and the fun lies in the exploration to find just that right gold pendant. We always enjoy hearing about the pieces our clients choose, and why, and cherish when they share those choices with us, whether in person, over phone, chat or email, or on our respective social channels.

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