Our favorite home decor items for fall

Our favorite home decor items for fall

While we love to splurge on updates to our jewelry wardrobes, there's nothing like finding special items to enjoy in your home. Our home décor collection is often inspired by unique objects Monica finds on her travels and at flea markets, or by special words and saying that have meaning - just like our charm collections. Here are some of our favorite items to give your home a fall refresh...


Table Charms

Our brass table charms are a perfect way to add that special touch to your bookshelf, desk or table. They're are not only decorative, but are there to inspire and empower you, with words like Breathe and Carpe Diem. The flat table charms also have special meanings, inspired by pieces from our charm collections, and can serve as little dishes to hold keepsakes and small items - like jewelry!

Brass table charm Breathe
Carpe diem table charm
Compass table charm

'Travel' Compass Table Charm

Owl wisdom table charm


Our brand originated with frames and image cases, so our evolving collection of beautiful frames is something we're always proud of. Our frames come in a variety of materials and colors, and look beautiful on any surface of your home as an addition to your evolving collection of family photos and frames. Monica's home is always filled with family photos kept in all sorts of frames. Mix new with vintage to add texture and personality to your home.

Cream Eel Frame
Lapis Accent Frame
Navy Calfskin Frame
Blue Agate & 24K Gold Plated Frame
Walnut Wood Frame



Our leather journals are available in a variety of colors, and each has an inspiring phrase: Carpe Diem, The Time is Now, Never Fear, Dream. They happen to look beautiful on bookshelves on their own, or stacked together in a variety of hues if you collect them over time (Monica has bookshelves filled with old journals of varying shapes, sizes and colors). Use them to brighten up a room, or add a pop of color to your nightstand or desk to jot down notes throughout the day or night.

'The Time Is Now' Leather Journal
Wisdom Leather Journal
Never Fear Leather Journal
Carpe Diem Leather Journal

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