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How To Pick Graduation Gifts For Her

How To Pick Graduation Gifts For Her

Finding the right graduation gift for the girls and young women we know is always an important part of this special milestone of life. In a year, where school schedules have been disrupted, and remote learning has become a student’s way of life, finding that right gift feels more important than ever. So, how can we go about finding the best graduation gifts for her, and how can the right fine jewelry choice play a part?


The Cambridge Dictionary defines graduation as “the fact of finishing a degree or other course of study at a university or school, or the ceremony at which you are officially said to have finished” or “graduated.” In other words, it is a time of high achievement, of passage to a new part of life, of new adventures to come, and of new beginnings. It is a time of telling new stories, and being empowered and inspired to set out on that new course.


With that in mind, we think the best graduation gifts can be fine jewelry styles that say something special about the person receiving them. Something that they will fine truly inspire and empower them each day.


Monica shared these thoughts on picking the right graduation gift. “When we consider a graduation present it’s a very natural feeling to want to give the graduate some sort of advice or encouragement. We want to give them something personal as well, a piece that says something about their next steps. Without being too obvious and overwhelming them with our thoughts, buying a piece of jewelry they can wear every day to remind them of your subtle “advice” – but better as encouragement - is a sure winner. We all want to share our hard-earned life lessons with the graduate. One of the best things we can doing is to inspire and empower them to feel brave and have courage in those next steps of life.”


Personalized Graduation Gifts


We want to share some of our favorite graduation gift ideas from our collection. In different ways, all of our collections offer a personalized jewelry experience which we think is a nice way to send the graduate aloft on their new journey.


Tell A Story with A Locket


Lockets like our Slim and Locket X Color collections offer 18k gold, sterling silver and vermeil style options that capture the contemporary and modern jewelry silhouette that every graduate will appreciate. The modern profiles of the lockets, coupled with our re-invention of the locket as a home for any type of story, make them a perfect graduation gift for her. What will make that locket truly special is your choice of what to put inside. Of course, family photos, whether older ones or new ones, are always a logical choice, but filling the locket with words that are meaningful, a tiny note, a picture of a favorite place or not yet reached destination, are the types of story that are personalized, inspiring and thoughtful.


What Charm is She?


Each of our charm necklaces has a special meaning. And those meanings embody grand themes and ideas like Carpe Diem, Never Fear, Dream, Perseverance and Power. If ever there were lifelong ideas that can inspire the graduate, it is those that are behind our charm necklace collection. Most of these necklaces also come in petite versions on shorter layering chains so they can be worn everyday by the graduate with her other favorite jewelry pieces. They are perfect for example when couple with another delicate chain, stone necklace, or symbol of faith. Our charm necklaces are available in a full range of price points in both sterling silver and 18K gold.


Chart the Course for Your Next Adventure


No matter where we find ourselves, a compass has been used for centuries to point us in the right direction. Our Compass styles can hold that same meaning for any graduate. Whether in sterling silver or 18K gold, our Compass jewelry features diamonds, sapphires, enamel and other materials to make them truly unique. They are the perfect pieces the grad will never take off.


Initial Jewelry in A-Z


Our Initial X Color collection offers all the letters of the alphabet in a neutral, off white background that goes with anything the graduate will wear. Created in 18K gold vermeil over sterling silver, the pieces allow the graduate to enjoy the elegance and richness of gold with the affordability of sterling silver.


Empowering Rings at Her Fingertips


Stackable rings offer the versatility and fun that every graduate will love. The ability to move stacking rings between fingers and changing the look up every day are a perfect means of self-expression. Wearing some as midi-rings, higher up on the finger can also mix up the look. If those stackable rings also bear secret empowering messages, what could be better as a graduation gift for girls. That is where we love our collection of 18k gold and sterling silver poesy stackables. Poesy rings were common hundreds of years ago, and they bore inscriptions of friendship or love. We took these rings and reinvented them for a new generation. Each of our poesy stackable rings bears an inscription of empowerment. Words like Courage, Warrior, Never Fear and Adventure will inspire the graduate for years to come.


Reach for the Stars


This might be just the perfect advice for every graduate. Two of our collections can encourage the graduate to do just that. The Sun, Moon and Stars collection offers a broad range of styles featuring all the signposts of the heavens. For many families, this collection also evokes a lifetime of hearing words like, “I love you to the moon and back,” which adds another special dimension to any jewelry style from this collection.


Zodiac X Color celebrates the graduates’ astrology sign in an array of bright enamel colors. With each piece comes a beautiful card celebrating some of that sign’s most wonderful traits.


Monica’s Tips to Give the Best Graduation Gifts


We asked Monica to share her seven favorite graduation gift ideas:


  1. 1. Get them a piece that tells them to seize the day…go for it…the world is theirs… (carpe diem)
  3. 2. A Medallion that tells her she had the power (Dorothy)
  5. 3. A Never Fear charm to make her feel strong
  7. 4. A locket filled with photos of some adventures to come or great quotes on the lessons in life
  9. 5. A Compass to help them find their way in their new job
  11. 6. The I think I can medallion to tell them they can and they will!
  13. 7. Starting a charm bracelet can be fun too….it’s the beginning of their journey and encourage her to keep adding as her life milestones progresses

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