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What Makes A Great Housewarming Gift?

What Makes A Great Housewarming Gift?


My Mom always taught me that when invited to someone’s home never go empty handed. My parents were both European, so old-world manners and thoughtfulness were ever present parts of my upbringing. What you bring when being invited into someone’s home is not about the price of the object, rather about the thought. I try to be a bit creative with my hostess and housewarming gifts since I find those gifts are usually the most appreciated. I want to find unique housewarming gift ideas, and if it can be a personalized housewarming gift, even better!

Obviously, a nice bottle of wine is something all of us think of as a first choice, and it’s usually very appreciated but then again, it’s gone by the end of the evening!

So, here are some of my favorite ideas for what makes a great housewarming gift:


- A small picture frame is always nice, I usually take a blank piece of paper which fits in the frame, and write a note “Thank you for having us” or “ always so fun to be together.” You get the point…the more personal the better. Once, sometime after giving a gift, I saw my friend didn’t take my note out and had my frame and missive standing right in the middle of all her family photos. A little frame like this can also be a great gift for new homeowners, maybe with a picture you might have of all of you at their very first home together. In essence, frames are a blank palette for creativity and thoughtfulness.

- Fresh cut flowers or store-bought arrangements are always nice and make great housewarming gifts. Add some special ribbon and a personal note. But for a longer-term perspective, find a small plant that anyone might want in their home for years to come. Plants are always great new home gift ideas as they speak to the growth in years to come of a new life in a new home.

- Bake (or buy) a breakfast bread for your host so they can enjoy the morning after. If they have just moved into their new home, then this new home gift will be truly appreciated.

- A locket is always nice for anyone. What better way to celebrate being in someone’s home than bringing a locket with family photos! I always fill it for them (using our Locket Bar) with their family, pets, or a quote that I think fitting for the host. This is a personalized housewarming gift that is always a hit!

- Candles are a good host gift for anyone, sometimes it’s hard if you don’t know their personal taste so I usually bring a candle that is citrus scented since this is usually a good, fresh scent most of us can enjoy.

- A charm of some sort being specific to your host is a great gift. I once was invited on someone’ s boat and I gave them a compass silver charm. Another idea which is perfect for a hostess is a “QUEEN BEE” charm, or if they are gardeners a “dragonfly” charm, or always ideal is an inspirational charm like “Carpe Diem.” It is great for anyone!

- And last, but not least, a small dish is a great gift. Something for your hostess to put her rings in, or change, or keys. We have tried to make our table charm collection truly unique housewarming gifts in that they all have different meanings like Never Fear, or Adventure. The same holds true of our leather journals. They are hand made in Italy and feature our favorite charm themes embossed on the cover!

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