Hearst Castle - A Look Under The Sea And Into The Sky

Hearst Castle - A Look Under The Sea And Into The Sky

With the annual Perseid meteor shower at it's peak and the dark skies showing off the Lagoon nebula, there couldn't be a better time to introduce our Galaxy Collection.

The Enchanted Hill, more famously known as the Hearst Castle, was a major influence in the design process of our Galaxy and Sea Charms Collections. During Monica’s tour of the Californian estate turned museum, she was inspired by the Neptune and indoor Roman pool.

"I found it fascinating how they designed the pool so that when you dove in you looked at the stars in the sky and when you lay on your back and looked up at the ceiling it was filled with all the sea creatures... it stayed with me after I left... I couldn't get it out of my mind." - Monica Rich Kosann

Monica at Hearst Castle

Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle <br>photographed by King of Hearts
Gods at the Neptune Pool. Photograph by King of Hearts

Photographed by Kay Gaensler - Roman Pool at Hearst Castle
Roman Pool. Photograph by Kay Gaensler

The Sea Charm Collection came first... it embodies the colors and characteristics of these beautiful creatures... Intuitive, patient, graceful and exotic are just a few of the personality traits Monica wanted to bring out in the collection.

Hearst Castle Roman Pool Ceiling Under the Sea

Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle photograph by William Woodward
Photograph by William Woodward

Later she designed the Galaxy collection.....The imagery of stars traveling throughout the sky and the galaxy, becoming ice, fire and light was the inspiration behind her newest one-of-a-kind “Galaxy” styles. The pieces remind us of the vast and ever-evolving universe continuing to fascinate us with its beauty and wonder.

galaxy inspirations

"I went to the planetarium in NYC and watched the movie on how the Galaxy works,along with 200 school children , gazing up at the exploding stars surrounding balls of fire and ice .....All I could see were ribbons of diamonds wrapping around gorgeous shapes and colors of opals... I couldn't wait to start the sketching process" - Monica Rich Kosann