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How to Transform Your Bedroom into Your jewelry Box

How to Transform Your Bedroom into Your jewelry Box

"My vanity is a cozy spot; it's completely personal and all mine. I keep my rings and earrings in leaf dishes and hang lockets around a bust that I bought in Paris... Stacked jewelry boxes keep my things tidy on a long console... I hang my necklaces over my mirror. I'm constantly changing them up."

-Monica Rich Kosann

Add character to your bedroom by displaying your jewelry while keeping it organized. Necklaces and bracelets can get easily get jumbled. We have some tips to make your room into a life size jewelry box to help prevent this mess from happening.

1.) Vintage Dishes: Collect little vintage dishes or bowls for a great way to keep your earrings and rings together.

2.) Unique Jewelry Stand: Drape necklaces and bracelets around a favorite object, like a bust or small statue. This is a simple and easy way to keep your jewelry artistically displayed.

3.) Stacked Jewelry boxes: Stackable jewelry boxes are an essential must-have for jewelry neatness. These are great for side tables or a long console. It creates a clean, simplistic look while keeping your jewelry organized.

4.) Mirror: Get creative by using a mirror as a necklace hanger. Necklaces are great to hang over a mirror and easy to swap if you are constantly changing up your look.