6 Inspiring Ways Women Are Wearing Our Stackable Rings

6 Inspiring Ways Women Are Wearing Our Stackable Rings

Since we launched our collection of stackable rings, we've loved watching the way women gravitate towards certain pieces. Each stacking ring is inscribed with a meaningful word, and it's particularly exciting to watch the way the women who purchase these rings weave words together to tell their personal stories. We reached out to some friends of the brand to find out how they would style and wear these rings, and which words would mean the most to them. Here are some highlights below, and some words from each woman on why she chose her unique stackable rings...

Meghan Jenay stacklable rings

Meghan Jenay

"Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever.” - Walt Disney. I chose IMAGINE, QUEEN BEE, and the WARRIOR rings because they spoke to me personally.

The IMAGINE ring reminds me to never lose my sense of wonder because I believe imagination is the gateway to endless possibilities.

WARRIOR displaying my inner strength and a daily reminder that I have the ability to overcome any challenge that comes my way with integrity and grace.

And the Queen Bee because I’m simply a boss.

Jenny cipoletti wearing monica rich kosann stackable rings

Jenny Cipoletti

Jewelry is and has always been incredibly personal to me. Whether it be a piece from my grandmother or my mom, wearing it feels like an act of love that honors the woman who wore it before you. When Lucy was born, I wanted a few new pieces that honored this memorable time in our lives with the intention of some day passing these pieces down to her. I recently created a ‘Necklace’ highlight so you can see each piece up close and personal with links to each one. But my latest addition to my jewelry collection isn’t a necklace, it’s these Poesy Stackable rings from @monicarichkosann that were created to inspire and empower. Each poesy ring is inscribed with a message, so the one you choose will be uniquely meaningful. I choose ‘Warrior’ and ‘Invincible’, two words I hope my daughter will also live by one day.

The Peppy wings wearing stackable rings

Aanchal Jain


If there is one prime example of strength disguised as delicacy within Mother Nature’s creations, it has to be Women. Women personifies courage within elegance, adventure within affection, and bold within beautiful. And what better way to celebrate our womanhood than by wearing these Poesy rings designed by @monicarichkosann.
Poesy rings which have been in existence since last 500 years, are just the ideal way to showcase my COURAGE and INVINCIBILITY. They not only enhanced my whole personality but they also make me feel powerful.

Mandy antoniacci stackable rings

Mandy Antoniacci


I cried when I wrote these words! As someone who lives in words, I believe in their powers. And that a perfectly curated collection of a few choice ones can reset your mind in an instant. I leaned into this idea to help heal me during 21 weeks of bed rest. Now every day, when writing The Daily Uplift and my book, I do the same—each thought, each idea, begins with a single word on a page.

Being a face (and a hand) of this campaign for @monicarichkosann is so special for me. Each poesy stackable ring she creates starts with a word made to empower us, that’s inscribed inside.

I chose: Courage, Warrior, and Invincible, and wear them on all different fingers as I write, to remind me every once in a while when I need it—
I made broken look beautiful.

Thank you, Monica, for helping me remember.

@olesia.nyc stacking rings

Olesia Anisimovich

I love when jewelry tells a story and @monicarichkosann new collection of stackable poesy rings is all about empowerment and inspiration - you can mix, match, and stack creating your own personalized meaning. ⁣⁣Each poesy ring is inscribed with a message (aka poesy) inside so the ones you choose will be uniquely meaningful.

Unity, Courage and Queen Bee Poesy Rings spoke to me as reminder of our collective strength and to be courageous through challenges, to reinforce confidence, resilience and love.⁣ 50% of the proceeds from the “Unity” Poesy Ring will be donated to Embrace Race – an organization committed to Raising a Generation of Children Who Are Thoughtful, Informed, and Brave About Race.

Stroller in the city

Brianne Manz

"Jewelry should not just be beautiful, it should empower and inspire!" Currently obsessed with my new @monicarichkosann Poesy Stackable Rings that are inscribed with the words: IMAGINE, COURAGE, and UNITY.

Poesy rings date back as early as the 15th century. They were rings that bore poetic inscriptions and were exchanged as expressions of friendship, inspiration, and love! 500 years later, Monica Rich Kosann felt it was time to make them modern again.

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