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'I Had The Power When' with Tai Beauchamp

'I Had The Power When' with Tai Beauchamp

One of our favorite new charms is our Dorothy Medallion, which reads "You had the power all along my dear." Wearing these words every day is so empowering for us. It made us want to ask the women in our lives: When did you feel like you had the power? And that's just what we did. Over the next few months, we'll talk to inspiring women and ask them that very question. We'll also photograph them in the Dorothy Medallion, and let them style it in a way that's meaningful to them. First up is the amazing Tai Beauchamp. A producer, TV host, confidence coach, entrepreneur...(the list goes on), Tai is one of those women who makes us feel more powerful anytime we're with her just by being herself. We're thrilled to have her as our first subject of this series. Read on for some inspiring words...


"I had the power when..."  

...I exercised my reproductive rights and froze my eggs, but I always have power when I tell stories and when I empower other women.


What does power mean to you?


Power means knowing yourself, being focused on growth and evolving and standing confidently in your truth. Power is using your GTPs (gifts, talents, and passions) to inspire and support others. Power is not being afraid to go against the grain or what is popular because it matters to you. Power is being kind and yet commanding. Power is peace. Power is love. Power is vulnerability. Power celebrating humanity. Power is faith.


What's one piece of advice you would give to women who want to feel more powerful in their work or personal lives?


Build a tribe and community that will stand with you, ahead of you, alongside of you and up for you when you aren't there. And also rest. I think we as women have been trained to believe that being superwoman is power. I'm learning that there is power in rest.


What woman (women) inspires you and makes you feel empowered?


I have so many dynamic women in my circle in real life that this is a hard one to answer. I would definitely say my grandmother whom I lost earlier this year after an almost 13 year battle with Alzheimer's and paralysis among so many other things. Her resilience and strength to endure for so much empowers me when I doubt myself.