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Iconic Image: Cindy Sherman at the MOMA

Iconic Image: Cindy Sherman at the MOMA

Over the past several decades, photographer Cinday Sherman has achieved icon status with her original and provocative self-portraits - in which she plays various roles inspired by everything from history to popular culture.  The Museum of Modern Art's new exhibition (opening February 26th) will present an retrospective of her photography from the 1970's through the present. The exhibit will include images from her groundbreaking series Untitled Film Stills (1977-1980), in which she plays stereotypical female roles inspired by 1950's and 60's film, as well as her history portraits(1989-90) and her society portraits (2008). Here are a few of our favorite images from the much-anticipated exhibit:

Cindy Sherman. Untitled Film Still #21. 1978.

Cindy Sherman. Untitled #466. 2008.


Cindy Sherman. Untitled Film Still #56. 1980.

*Photos courtesy of the Museum of Modern Art. This exhibit runs from February 26th - June 11th 2012. For more information, click here.