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Iconic Image: J.D. Salinger

Iconic Image: J.D. Salinger

Today marks the release of the documentary, Salinger, a closer look into renowned author J.D. Salinger and the narrative that lived behind the stories he created. Many of these stories went unpublished, something that can be attributed to Salinger's famous reputation as a mysterious recluse.

In looking at such an enigmatic personality in the literary world, we can't help but ask ourselves what or who was most precious to Salinger? He was in combat during World War II, and one can only wonder if there was a photo of a loved one he looked at each day. The real question is, what would be in Salinger's locket? Would you venture to take a guess? It may be the answer is as lost as some of his unpublished stories, but we took pleasure in asking this question about the iconic author nonetheless...

*Photos courtesy of The Weinstein Company, Photo 2 courtesy of The Story Factory, Paul Ftizgerald/The Associated Press