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Inspired by: Great Gatsby Style

Inspired by: Great Gatsby Style

If May 10th doesn't ring a bell with you, we're here to make you feel differently. The Great Gatsby movie, with costumes from Catherine Martin, jewelry from Tiffany's and music from Jay-Z, storms theaters this weekend in a big way. A carefully crafted and curated experience from director Baz Lurhmann, the film is sure to be dripping with visual appeal and dreaminess. Have we mentioned it takes place in one of our favorite time periods - the roaring 20's? That's why we curated a bit of Gatsby style for you to shop off of - because why just watch it longingly on film when your first summer dinner party could be Gatsby-themed?

1. Mid-20's Black Sequin Flapper Dress

2. 1920's Ivory Flapper Dress

3. Vintage 1920's Flapper Opulent Blue Glass Beaded Bag

4. 1920's Vintage Whiting & David Flapper Bag

5. 1920's Diamond and Sapphire Pendant

6. 1920's Ruby Diamond Bracelet