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Inspired by: Les Miserables Style

Inspired by: Les Miserables Style

Christmas Day this year also marks the release of the film Les Miserables - the movie adaptation of Victor Hugo's nineteenth century novel and of course the beloved musical (a favorite classic show of ours). We put together some of our favorite vintage pieces from that period in history, inspired by Les Miz style. If you know the story, you'll understand why we couldn't help but dig a little deeper and ask this question; "What was in Fantine's gold locket that she was forced to sell at the start of the story?" We took a look into Hugo's original novel and found that it was given to Fantine from an admirer in her younger years. Her name was engraved in cursive on the back, accompanied by small flowers. On the inside was a picture of herself in her youth. It's an heirloom she no doubt would have passed down to her daughter Cosette if she could have. The imagination runs wild in putting together the pieces about these characters - whose story we've no doubt fallen in love with over and over again. We're ready to fall in love again this Christmas day, and we suggest you do too. See below for a peak at some of the things worn and lived within the time period the movie is set in...


1. Antique French Silver Gold Brooch Enamel Plaque Garnet 2. Georgian Pearl Envy in a Rose Gold Earring 3. Antique Pinchbeck and Paste Bracelet 4. Georgian Gold Magnifying Glass 5. Georgian Silver Vegetable Dishes 6. Antique Diamond Necklace