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Inspired by: Venice Beach

Inspired by: Venice Beach

It's been pretty cold in New York and we've all felt a bit starved of inspiration lately. After all, as beautiful as the city is, you have to leave it to appreciate how much you love it. We recently jetted to LA, and hunted around for new ways to get inspired. Of all the neighborhoods we frequent and love in LA, we can't help but play favorites when it comes to Venice Beach. Whether it be the gritty style of the boardwalk or the bevy of hidden treasures one can find in terms of restaurants and shops, this is a neighborhood near and dear to our hearts. Here's our top five favorite places we visited there this time around, because it's about time we got a little beach-y isn't it?

1. Gjelina 1429 Abbot Kinney

2. Café Gratitude 512 Rose Avenue

3. Satine 1508 Abbot Kinney

4. Nick Fouquet 1629 Abbot Kinney

5. Moon Juice 507 Rose Avenue