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Inspired by: White Christmas

Inspired by: White Christmas

Last weekend was the 60th anniversary of White Christmas, a childhood favorite of ours we can't help but watch annually this time of year. We don’t know if it’s Bing Crosby’s voice, Rosemary Clooney’s steel blue eyes, Vera-Ellen’s dance numbers or Danny Kaye’s jests, but the whole experience leaves us feeling sentimental. We couldn't help but wonder what Monica Rich Kosann piece we’d give each character (yes we mean both the men and the women). The four stars seem born for accessories with a story, whether it’s when they’re at war, on the dance floor or cozied up by a fire at a B & B in Vermont (that covers basically all the bases of the plot line). Here’s what we would give each:

Rosemary Clooney (Betty Haynes): As the older sister, Betty always seems to be the ‘Mother Hen,’ seemingly wise beyond her years. So to her we’d give the Wisdom Owl Charm.

Vera-Ellen (Judy Haynes): For Judy we’d give the “Never Fear” Poesey ring. As the younger sister she’s the spitfire of the group, and always seems to be unafraid to stir up trouble and rock the boat (and do insane 15 minute dance numbers in the process).

Danny Kaye (Phil Davis): For Phil we’d give this Carpe Diem leather journal. As the songwriter of the crew, he needs somewhere to keep all his song ideas…It’s the carpe diem one so he knows to seize the day with every new song he writes.

Bing Crosby (Bob Wallace): There was a time when men had lockets with a picture of the woman they loved (who was waiting for them upon their return) inside, when they were at war. So to Bob we’d give the classic four photo locket with a satin finish, where I’m sure he’d keep a picture of Rosemary Clooney, and those kids he talks about having one day.