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It's National Clean Off Your Desk Day!

This week was National Clean Off Your Desk Day, and while it’s a task we all dread, you have to admit it feels pretty good after you accomplish it. While what you have on your desk tells a story (and you know here at Monica Rich Kosann we love things that tell a story), that story doesn’t need to be discombobulated and all over the place. Here are a few tips from Monica herself on cleaning one’s desk, it’s a new year after all…


Reorganize. I am constantly making piles out of piles. It actually inspires me. I like to reorganize my photos and my mood board all the time - switching out new photos for old ones.

Decorate with storage. I love to keep pretty bowls to my desk, so I can keep filling them with new trinkets I pick up and find on my flea market hunts. I have a “charm mason jar” on my desk at all times where I just add little things I don’t want to throw out - stubs, buttons, souvenirs of travel, etc. I also keep a lot of boxes on my desk.

Make files. I keep all business cards in a filed box on my desk, and I also make files for everything such as “pending,” “meetings,” designs,” "new ideas,” and “bills.”

Keep invitations where you can see them. I keep invitations to parties in front of me at all times, and use them on my moodboard, since I often forget to look at my calendar. It really does help!