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Jewelry Auction: The Diamond That Could

Jewelry Auction: The Diamond That Could


There’s been quite a stir over the coveted Archduke Joseph diamond the past few weeks, which is set to go to auction in Geneva next month at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels’ auction. It’s been debated whether or not Archduke Joseph passed down this diamond to his son, but there’s no question that the gem is an heirloom with a story.

If we were to talk about this renowned 400-year-old diamond like a person, we’d say it’s had an incredibly unique life. Narrowly escaping the Nazis in WWII, the diamond survived two world wars and a revolution, remaining mainly invisible throughout the 20th century for the sake of its own safety. We like to think of its next owner as less of a buyer and more of an arbiter, responsible for the next stage of a very unique life.