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Living With What You Love: DaBare Saunders and Ronald Mayne

Living With What You Love: DaBare Saunders and Ronald Mayne

In our newest column, Living With What You Love, we explore the way various tastemakers live with the things that mean something to them. From antiques and works of art to books, jewelry and knick-knacks, the objects people live with often have a unique and meaningful story behind them.

For our first installment of this column, we explored the New York City apartment owned by DeBare Saunders and Ronald Mayne, two brilliant interior designers who own and operate New York interior design firm Stingray Hornsby. They have spent the past twenty years creating interiors for a high profile clientele that includes the Forbes family and the first Governer Cuomo. Their rooms have won numerous awards at show house's around the Northeast, and have appeared on the covers of Architectural Digest, House & Garden, Design Time - Northeast, and The New York Times. Their impeccable eye for beautiful things is evident, as they share with us a few of the things they love to live with.

"A statue of my favorite girl and great grandmother Vivienne, by Prince Paul Troubetzkoy. A society beauty! Hanging over her is a portrait by Andre Derain - charming, but no relative."

"Twin tables wearing shagreen, Parisien-born, and acccesorized with rock crystal, 19th century tortoise shell, and Venetian glass crowned by a Buccellati crab. Nothing like a good pair!"

"Our waterless aquarium, a most unique cabinet of curiosities. Art Deco with mermaids and waves integrated in the design. The Lorelei hold a giant lalique shell and are backed by mirror. Among the treasures are a potpourri of coral, shells, fossils from Morocco, an ancient Greek sculpture and a Chinese lobster, all playing on a glass wave above a library of art books."

"Magic abounds Houdini's chair, once used in his act. It now gives a special 'whats it' to our apartment, hanging on the rivers edge. It gives a warning to all who dare set on it, and lean against the spirited sea horse, that most anything could happen. Standing next to Houdini is one pair of Serge Roche Torcheres, monumentally tall and almost scraping the ceiling."

"If you wait long enough you might just live with the Ernest Trova you have been desirious of since art school. He is chrome and beautifully articulated."

"[This chair was] found in Paris, with the idea it would go to a client. But, love happened, and now the four chairs live with us. We liked our choice of upholstery so much, we double ordered the yardage, in case of a sloppy guest."

"A huge tapestry by Brauer, woven by Beauvais in the 60's. It once graced the walls in Ron's family home, but looks much better in ours."

"This English charmer by Lynn Chadwick resided in Ron's family home in the 60's. Was Jane Russell's brassiere the inspiration? In any case, she lords over the living room with great female authority."

"This is a surrealist painting by Dado, pale with Aubusson coloring. It is said to be his finest work by art historian Robert Witten...This fantasy was one of Ron's early aquisitions and its beauty is an acquired taste. The sculpture is a Doris Ceasar sculpture with references to Giacometti. She is long and tall with that fashion stance we all embrace. She is also from Ron's family collection."

"A 1930's Terra Cotta of Adonis. He smiles sheepishly at us from opposite our bed. He is framed by a blue daum vase and rock crystal bowl."

"One of several terra cotta sculptures we love. This one is by a Picasso follower and resides on a bed side table, where his expression changes with your mood."

*Portrait by Monica Rich Kosann. Other photos by MRKStyle Editors.