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Liz Cherkasova on Moscow, Vintage Kimonos and Erte

Liz Cherkasova on Moscow, Vintage Kimonos and Erte

Liz Cherkasova might be blessed with picture perfect genes but she's much more than a pretty face—the San Francisco model also authors a popular personal style blog, Pop Culture Afternoon, where she covers trends and showcases her own, ever adventurous looks. What's in her closet? Lots of seventies-inspired ensembles, plus a serious collection of vintage kimonos. Read about it, here.

Item I own that gets better with age: My kimonos
Best vintage buy on eBay: A '60s camel coat with leopard trim
My secret to looking timeless: Confidence
Most powerful photo I’ve ever seen: A photo of my grandmother and grandfather in their pre-WWII apartment. I don't know why but that image has never left me.
Best souvenir I’m glad I brought back home: German china I got out of my grandmother's attic while visiting Moscow
Iconic fashion designer I most admire: YSL
Fashion trend I hope becomes classic: Jumpsuits
Place I love to visit that’s rich in history: Moscow; that's where all of my family lives.
Who I follow before, during, and well after Twitter: My friends
Music that always takes me back: The Rolling Stones take me back to college.
What’s in my wallet: A lot of cab receipts
Favorite family recipe: My cheesecake
How I like to keep in touch: Text messaging
Best advice I’ve ever received: Slow down!
Unofficial home away from home: My daydreams
I couldn’t live without: My boyfriend—he's my better half.
Words to dress by: If it doesn't feel right, take it off!
Art I’d like to own: An Erte sculpture