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Music Festival Dressing: What To Wear With Your Jewelry

Music Festival Dressing: What To Wear With Your Jewelry

It's music festival season! That means pillaging your wardrobe and jewelry box to find style-appropriate choices that somehow pull off both a chic and casual long-hair-don't-care vibe...simultaneously. Challenging? Not so much. We picked five outfit choices paired with our favorite Monica Rich Kosann pieces to bring your festival look full circle...

1. Try the floral patterned cuff bracelet with a black lace dress - or anything black for that matter - because you can't go wrong with silver and black.

2. Get boho with the petite initial gold locket, paired with a peasant blouse and jean cut-offs. A quintessential fest-friendly look.

3. Wear the Carpe Diem necklace with striped anything, and then don't forget your camera. You're about to capture the moment, seize the day, and if all else fails...gold always goes great with stripes.

4. Combine what's classic: the charm bracelet and a quintessential white minidress. It doesn't get any more timeless than that.

5. Pair the Pockwatch key charm (on a short chain) with a cropped or shrunken white tank and long printed skirt. The delicate chain blends perfectly with a good, simple white tank.