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My Favorite Things: Barbro Anderson

One of the best things about the Internet is how it's forged communities out of strangers—in the case of fashion, allowing women from the U.S. to Europe to The Philippines, Japan, South America, et cetera, to share their daily outfits, obsessions and sartorial adventures. In Norway, one such intrepid personal style blogger, Barbro Anderson, keeps an impassioned online journal of her life (music, love and, of course, clothing). "I like words and sometimes I write about things that are greater than my love for shoes," she says. Here, her favorite things.

Best vintage buy on eBay: I just recently bought a black vintage bustier with metal details which I’m very fond of. I’m also a big fan of buying collections of vintage jewelry.
My secret to looking timeless: Wearing black, of course, and not being a slave to what's “hot” right now.
Most powerful photo I’ve ever seen: The Young Afghan Girl by Steve McCurry.
Best souvenir I’m glad I brought back home:A vintage-y clock I brought home from Spain in 2009.
Favorite vintage fashion trend: Right now it would have to be maxi-skirts, platforms and high-waisted everything.
Smell that makes me feel most nostalgic:Freshly cut grass. The most intriguing smell in the whole wide world. It takes me back to my grandma's garden when I was a little girl sitting in the sun in my denim-overalls and rain-boots.
What’s in my purse: A huge mess!
What I’m currently coveting: Anything but winter. Winter is especially harsh here in Norway this year with an average temperature around -17 Celsius since November.
Best advice I’ve ever received: Be yourself.