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My Favorite Things: Grace Bonney

My Favorite Things: Grace Bonney

Who better to discuss her favorite things than Grace Bonney, founder of the wildly popular website, Design Sponge. Since 2004, Design Sponge has been introducing its dedicated readership to innovative products, quirky artists, covetable decor ideas, worthy DIY projects, and much, much more. Today, the arbiter of taste and online influencer gets personal about everything from her favorite blankets to childhood bedtime stories.

Item I own that gets better with age: Pendleton blankets. I love a good red plaid!
Best vintage buy on eBay: Watercolor postcards from the original launch of the Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia, designed by Dorothy Draper. She's my favorite designer and I grew up going to summer camp in the same town.
My secret to looking timeless: I haven't discovered it yet. But I don't think a little black dress and cute heels every hurt anyone.
Most powerful photo I’ve ever seen: I really love Corey Arnold's work; it always makes me want to visit Alaska.
Favorite vintage fashion trend: Vintage fashion never fits me well because I'm short and sort of curvy. I'm more of a vintage furniture person. But I do love a good '60s cat-eye makeup job.
Place I love to visit that’s rich in history: Savannah, Georgia. I love it so much I married my husband there.
Favorite bedtime story as a kid: My dad reading me The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.
What’s in your purse: I have a crazy woman's purse, seriously. It's full of lip gloss, old receipts, sunglasses that I never remember to wear, cat treats for the bodega cats, and usually a snack or two for me. It's embarrassing. I really need to get organized and have an adult purse.
Favorite family recipe: My great grandmother's mustard sauce recipe. Amazing on ham.
Childhood sport I still love to play: Hockey! I grew up playing field hockey really intensely and then switched to street hockey when I moved to New York City.
How I like to keep in touch: Email. I really hate using phones, they make me nervous for some reason.
Best advice I’ve ever given: Keep your head down and keep working. It's one of the only rules I live by. If you just focus on what you love and not what other people do or say, you're bound to produce something you love.
Blog I’m currently addicted to: I just discovered Cafe Fernando thanks to our recipe editor, Kristina Gill. I'm hooked.
Art I’d like to own: I'd love to own a large scale piece by Kirra Jamison.
Favorite fragrance: Gardenias. I wore one in my hair for our wedding and will never forget waking up to smell that all around me.
I couldn’t live without: My family. Everything else is icing. I love my job, my friends, and the fun things in my life, but at the end of the day, I am very very lucky to have a family I love and that loves me.

Photograph: Succulent by Kirra Jamison.