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My Favorite Things: Karen Blanchard

My Favorite Things: Karen Blanchard

Karen Blanchard

When British transplant Karen Blanchard first moved to New York from London, she had no idea where to shop. She wasn't a "big name department store" kind of person, so she made it her mission to discover the unique boutiques squirreled across the city—the places stylish locals knew and loved. The result: wheredidugetthat.com, a daily fashion and shopping blog devoted to Blanchard's finds and collections (a shoe-devotee, she owns about 150 pairs ranging from edgy platform boots to menswear-inspired lace-ups). Here, she shares her favorite fashionable things from her own closet and beyond.

Item I own that gets better with age: My Balenciaga handbags.
Best vintage buy on eBay: Old Frye boots in whiskey brown.
My secret to looking timeless: Don't wear too many colors all at once. Keep it simple.
Favorite vintage fashion trend: Navajo wool ponchos.
Place I love to visit that’s rich in history: Paris.
Things I miss most about living in London: This is a long list. Here are a few: Fish and chips. Heinz salad cream. Roman Road market. Camden market. Portobello Road market. Clever TV ads. Pub grub. Victoria Park. Tube trains with cushions. Oxford Street. McVities Digestives. Black cabs. Public politeness. Boots chemist. Full English breakfasts. Curry.
Music that always takes me back: The Beatles—even though I technically wasn't around back then!
Smell that makes me feel most nostalgic: Coffee when it has the evocative scent of the coffee my grandmother used to make using an old-fashioned, dainty coffee pot on her stove.
Film that I can watch over and over again:Rain Man.
What’s in my purse: My wallet, breath mints, house keys, shades, lipstick, black eye liner, a Leica compact camera, iPhone, business cards.
Favorite family recipe: Coleslaw.
How I like to keep in touch: Texting, email, Twitter.
Best advice I’ve ever been given: If you have to convince yourself to love it, don't buy it.
What I’m currently coveting: The perfect leopard print bag.
I couldn’t live without: My shoe collection.
My guiltiest e-pleasure: I surf Topshop way more than I should, and eBay too.
Art I’d like to own: Life-size original photos by Herb Ritts. He captures the rawness and beauty of the human body in a way I've never seen before, and he had a brilliant eye for using sepia photography.

Photograph Courtesy of Karen Blanchard/wheredidugetthat.com