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My Favorite Things: Megan Collins

My Favorite Things: Megan Collins

Megan Collins has loved men's fashion ever since the second grade, when her brother passed down his Milwaukee Bucks starter jacket. Now, Collins has been coined as the expert when it comes to men's fashion. Her website - stylegirlfriend.com - is centered around men's style and covers a variety of topics ranging from her take on watches all the way to "what to wear when you're a short guy." It's a surprisingly unexplored niche and the fact that it's from a woman's perspective has made it a fan favorite among men and women alike. (What we love most is that a Milwaukee starter jacket started it all.) Whether Collins is rounding up the year's best men's colognes or collaborating with GQ, she's shown she's simply not your average female blogger. It's for that reason we had to get a round up of her favorite things; gentlemen take note...

Item I own that gets better with age:

A beautiful red winter coat from In God We Trust, which is a lovely little boutique in Brooklyn (actually, I think there’s one in the city too...). It’s double-breasted with these great wooden buttons, and it’s the only thing that keeps me from feeling totally depressed on cold mornings in January when I leave home and it’s still dark out.

Best vintage buy on eBay:

Oh, that’s a tough one! I don’t really “do” eBay. I’m a little freaked out by the whole bidding process! It feels like gambling, which I hate. Is that silly? Probably.

Place I love to visit that’s rich in history:

I’m a nut for Washington DC. My family took several trips there when I was younger - my parents placed a good deal of importance on understanding our country’s government and appreciating its history. Even now, I love a good walking tour, and there’s so much to learn and see there. In my opinion, you can’t visit the Lincoln Memorial too many times in your life.

My secret to looking timeless:

I avoid shirts with slogans on them. If you’re in a picture wearing a tee that reads “Free Winona,” you’ve immediately dated your look.

Most powerful photo I’ve ever seen:

There’s this amazing photographer called Jean de Pomereu. He went to Antarctica for a project entitled “Contours of Silence,” and the images he captured were just really so amazing. They resonate quiet strength, something I strive for in my own life.

Best souvenir I’m glad I brought back home:

When I was fifteen, I studied abroad in Ecuador. I bought a dress at an outdoor market that even now I wear all the time in the warmer months. It gets tons of compliments, so I don’t think it’ll be retired any time soon.

Favorite vintage fashion trend:

I love hats and am so glad the big cloche style has come back in vogue. It’s part fashion, part “I don’t have to wash my hair today.” Win-win!

Smell that makes me feel most nostalgic:

Whenever I smell Ultra Swim, which is a shampoo and conditioner made for chlorine removal, I’m immediately transported back to summers spent at the local pool on the diving team. Practice twice a day left my hair completely fried, and this stuff was the only thing that would let me get a comb through it.

What I’m currently coveting:

My resistance is starting to fade on investing in a Chanel quilted bag. It feels like the kind of thing you should receive as a present, but I’m tired of waiting around for someone to buy one for me!

Best advice I’ve ever received:

An old boyfriend told me that “There are a lot of people doing more with less.” At the time, I was working in advertising but wanted to leave to become a writer. I didn’t think I had the right background or credentials or what have you – all those silly little fears that make you think you can’t or shouldn’t do something you really want to do. He made me realize that I was getting in my own way. I’ve always remembered that.

Music that always takes me back:

I was raised on the Beatles, so any time I hear them, I think of Sunday mornings spent with my family in Wisconsin, listening to their music and eating doughnuts while my parents drank coffee and read the paper (I still reach first for the comics section).

Film that I can watch over and over again:

Clueless! It’s definitely a film that defines my adolescence, and I will sit and watch it all the way through whenever it happens to be on TV.

Favorite family recipe:

My mother makes the most amazing chicken pot pie. It’s really rich, so I’m sure it’s terrible for you, but I always have her make it whenever I visit home.

Tastiest mom-and-pop shop that’s been feeding me for years:

There’s an amazing Polish restaurant in my neighborhood in Brooklyn called Lomzynianka (and no, I can’t pronounce it). I go there with friends and fill up on pierogies, sausage, stuffed cabbage, and blintzes. It’s the best.

Blog I’m currently addicted to:

It’s not a blog, but I’ve been a little obsessed with Twitter lately. It’s such a great way to keep in touch with friends (both real-life ones and those I only know online), and for finding out the latest news. Actually, I get most of my news these days from Twitter – it’s a great way to learn about things fast, as they’re happening.

I couldn’t live without:

My family. I live in New York, and they’re all back in Wisconsin, but luckily my schedule is flexible enough that I’m able to get back quite often to visit. 

Words to dress by:

Maya Angelou said, “When you know better, you do better,” which I actually kind of love when it comes to clothes. Would I wear the neon biker shorts I sported my first day of sixth grade? No. Would I get bangs again? No, but it’s okay. Because when you know better, you do better.