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My Favorite Things: Rachel Antonoff

My Favorite Things: Rachel Antonoff

Ask any stylish, downtown New York girl and she's probably familiar with the designs of Rachel Antonoff. The New Jersey-born, city-based young fashion designer, a fixture on the hipster scene, has a thing for fashion that mixes school girl-ish flourishes with hints of ballet inspiration—and a wee bit of requisite rock'n'roll. Listen in on her favorite things, here.

Item I own that gets better with age: My mom's old denim jacket. My brother and I share it and not only is it aging perfectly, but we've added so much to it. Pins, unintentional yet awesome tears, Sharpie drawings. We fight over it all the time. I thought I had sufficiently hid it and then he showed up for dinner in it the other day.
Best souvenir I’m glad I brought back home: My ballerina paintings I found in a vintage store in Phoenix, Arizona. I hemmed and hawed over them because I knew they would be a pain to travel with but I love them so much and they've made appearances in every photo shoot, apartment and office I've had.
Favorite vintage fashion trend: Paper thin, ethereal cotton dresses.
Fashion trend I hope becomes classic: Fun socks.
Place I love to visit that’s rich in history: Paris. I think its the most magical place in the world.
Music that always takes me back: Elliot Smith. The soundtracks to Cats and Pippin. Old Steel Train.
Fave old-school song on my iPod: Shoop. And the Dream by the Everly Brothers.
Smell that makes me feel most nostalgic: Pine, lavender and the smell of my camp which I can't pinpoint what it is but always know it when I smell it.
Film that I can watch over and over again: Manhattan Murder Mystery.
Favorite bedtime story as a kid: The Beatrix Potter books.
What’s in my purse: Too much. Lip balm, license, credit card, ticket stub from The Nutcracker, velvet swatches, a notepad, eyeliner, dental floss.
Favorite family recipe: Cheese dreams! It's like a combo of grilled cheese and french toast. It's a big favorite in my family.
Tastiest mom-and-pop shop that’s been feeding me for years: Ronnie's Bagels in Hillsdale NJ!
Best advice I’ve ever received: "Just relax and enjoy the sandwiches" -Nattie Harold. At the time it was meant somewhat literally since there were sandwiches present, but I've found that its had metaphoric meaning many times since.
Blog I’m currently addicted to: Liebemarlene by Rhiannon Leifheit.
Unofficial home away from home: My brother and my boyfriend's band's vans. Driving with them between states, neither here nor there, is where I feel the comfiest.
What I’m currently coveting: A kitten.
I couldn’t live without: My family. Lip balm.
Words to dress by: Have fun and be yourself. Incidentally also words to live by.