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My Favorite Things: Stay at Stove Dad

The New Yorker writer and cartoonist John Donohue has become beloved for his entertaining blog, Stay at Stove Dad (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Kitchen: A Site for Working Fathers Who Cook for Their Families). Last week, Donohue also published his first book, Man With a Pan, a collection of essays about, what else?, men in the kitchen. Contributors include Stephen King, Mario Batali and Mark Bittman, among others. The hilarious and moving narratives are interspersed with wonderful recipes that have your stomach growling before you turn the page.

Today, Donohue spoke with MRKstyle and shared some of his favorite things (naturally, food is included). Listen in, then go read the book.

Item I own that gets better with age: My hand-tailored white silk dinner jacket with shawl collar from Martin Greenfield. I got married in it.
Most powerful photo I've ever seen: Images of the 9/11 attack. I was in Manhattan the morning it happened.
Souvenir I'm glad I brought back home: An ashtray I got from a fancy hotel in Fez, Morocco. I don't smoke and don't have a practical use for it, though it's good for holding keys, but it reminds me of my misspent youth.
Place I love to visit that's rich in history: My own past, and Turkey, again.
Book I have read more than once: Moby Dick
Music that always takes me back: Led Zeppelin's "In the Evening," from their album "In through the Out Door." I can still remember cranking it up at my parents house as a teenager and trying to listen to it while I mowed the lawn with a power mower. It didn't work well, but it did make the storm windows on my suburban childhood home rattle wildly.
Smell that makes me feel most nostalgic: Spoiled beer; reminds me of college.
Film that I can watch over and over again: "Play Time," by Jacques Tati
Favorite bedtime story as a kid: The Richard Scarry books.
Favorite family recipe: My mom's Irish sodabread.
Tastiest mom-and-pop shop that's been feeding me for years: Di Palo's Fine Foods
Childhood sport I still love to play: Baseball, now softball.
How I like to keep in touch: Email, text, Twitter. Depends one who is trying to reach me.
Best advice I've ever received: Before I got married, I asked a friend for advice. He said "Be kind." It took me a while to figure that one out, but it's proven to be very helpful.
Best advice I've ever given: Treat your children like real people. Never talk about them in the third person in their presence.
Unofficial home away from home: The subway. I eat, sleep, read, and draw there.
What I'm currently coveting: A BMW 7 series sedan
I couldn't live without: My wife and children

Photograph: Courtesy of Stay at Stove Dad.