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My Favorite Things: Susan Meyer

My Favorite Things: Susan Meyer

Shoe company JP Crickets combines the classic loafer style with a velvet slipper, garnished with custom collegiate logos. For us, the classic shape takes us back to old Carey Grant or Gregory Peck movies, where the main character would come to the door or to cocktail hour in an evening robe and chic, velvet nighttime footwear. Now, JP Crickets has taken a cue from the classics and designs these custom made shoes in Southern Italy that one can wear day or night. The founder and CEO, Susan Meyer, is a purveyor of all things iconic, so we couldn't help but hear about all her favorite things...

Item I own that gets better with age: My velvet suede and linen JP Crickets shoes.

Best vintage buy on eBay: I don't go on. I like to shop at a destination for vintage; it's part of the fun.

Place I love to visit that’s rich in history: Italy

My secret to looking timeless: Traditional classic, neutral dressing with accent - or whimsy - from an accessory or jewelry. Good skin care and light makeup.

Most powerful photo I’ve ever seen: I love photography and photos so I cannot say one, but it usually has an animal or nature in it.

Best souvenir I’m glad I brought back home: Custom-made clothing and jewelry I have designed in amazing cities.

Favorite vintage fashion trend: The whole Downton Abbey look

Smell that makes me feel most nostalgic: Lilly of the valley, lilac, and Christmas tree 

What I’m currently coveting: Bright deep color in rich fabrics and threads, texture from linens and suede, monograms and crests, and of course illy coffee and white chocolate cake!

Best advice I’ve ever received: From MIchael Gould - "Get out of the drivers seat and be a passenger occasionally!"

Music that always takes me back: Todd Rundgren and Eagles

Film that I can watch over and over again: Out of Africa and anything with horses! 

Favorite family recipe: I cook from scratch every day. I was taught by my Italian Grandmother when young. We/I never use recipes

Tastiest mom-and-pop shop that’s been feeding me for years: La Fonda Latina

Blog I’m currently addicted to: Vaunte and Instagram/Twitter

I couldn’t live without: My husband Joe, my daughter Isabella and my son JP

Words to dress by: Classic with all natural fabrics and a touch of something elegant and feminine. Stand up and feel good wearing it or take it off. A scarf or color near your face always helps when you're tired.

*Photos courtesy of JP Crickets