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My Style, My Story: Chelsea Leyland

My Style, My Story: Chelsea Leyland

Like any great story, personal style includes journeys, tall tales, heroes, dreamers, life-altering experiences even. So when we ask you, What’s your personal style? we’re also asking…What’s your story? Today, International DJ Chelsea Leyland tells us hers...

"My personal style is ever-changing. I like to mix things up depending on how I feel that day, week or month. My mood and the light effect how much color I chose to wear. If I were to sum up my style, I would say it's a mix of pretty girl, punky/grungy, and dressed-up-chic meets teenage boy. I love vintage and in the summer I tend to wear a lot. I'm a huge fan of lace and have always loved to collect Edwardian lace style dresses. I'm always buying pretty vintage dresses and I feel that one can never have enough. I'm also a big fan of pairing pretty with grungy - I often wear a girly dress with biker boots to achieve this. In my mind, style is not something you can buy. It's about being able to mix old with new and expensive with cheap. I always admire people that look incredible in cheap clothes, as it's about the way you wear it or style it. This is not to say I dont wear a lot of designer clothes, but I think being able to mix it up is what defines real style. An incredible dress will always looks incredible; a cheap dress will look incredible on someone if they have style.

I'm a big accessories girl; that's where I normally spend all of my money. I think a beautiful bag, an incredible pair of shoes, or an unusual ring make an outfit. You could wear black jeans and t-shirt, but if you know how to dress up your ears and fingers, it changes what could have been a plain outfit into a really cool and unusual look.

More than anything, my style is inspired by travel, London, my friends, and characters in movies. I will often watch a movie, fall totally in love with a particular character and spend months trying to be like her and wear what she wears. I've been like this since I was kid. I am lucky enough to travel a great deal for work and pleasure and I am always finding inspiration on my trips."

-As told by Chelsea Leyland