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My Style, My Story: Michael Chernow

My Style, My Story: Michael Chernow

Everyone always talks about personal style, but more as a definition - something that can be summed up in a few words, rather than the narrative that it is. In our minds, personal style is a story. It's shaped, honed, influenced and impressed upon your entire life. That's why today we've launched a new column, "My Style, My Story" where tastemakers (in a few paragraphs) tell the story that is their personal style. And like any great story, personal style includes journeys, tall tales, heroes, dreamers, life-altering experiences even. So when we ask you, What's your personal style? we're also asking...What's your story? 

First up is a New York restaurateur that's made waves both in food and in fashion, Michael Chernow of The Meatball Shop. A successful entrepreneur and business owner, Chernow also delves into all the things we love, from modeling for JCrew, starring in an Equinox video and being an influencer in GQ, to most importantly being a great husband (and dog-owner). Chernow is truly an influencer, and it turns out that for him (like all of us) his style and story have been a journey...

"Growing up in New York City was perhaps the most instrumental influence to what set the foundation of what LIFESTYLE means to me. What I've learned most through the years is that SIMPLE IS BEST!  I take my life and style very seriously; the philosophy in which I've set for myself is expressed through my lifestyle. From the music I listen too, to how I choose to run my company and of course how I choose to dress, exercise and eat. Do unto others how you'd like others to do unto you.  

Lifestyle is actually my passion and has been for many years. I have many influencers when it comes to fashion - the guys who did it best but kept it simple. James Dean, Steve McQueen and Billy the kid. I'd like to say my style is a smash up of these three with an urban twist. Staying fit is a huge element in my life. I use the gym as a way to let it all out, as well as keep my confidence up. If I didn't get the deal done that I was trying to make in business, but made it to the gym, I feel like I have won for the day.  

I have a funny story that truly left a large impact on me. I started thinking about life like an adult when I was nineteen years old and in Los Angeles chasing an acting career. I went to get head shots with a  reputable photographer. I was nervous and naive, but I learned something very important. He said "Do you go to the gym? If you don't, you should start. The way you represent yourself to the world will determine your path to success or lack thereof. Chose a few guys that inspire you, research them, pick a few characteristics from each and make them yours." Though I thought it was pretty shallow at the time, it really stuck with me. I took his advise and continue to do so."

-As told by Michael Chernow