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Oscars edition: Which poesy ring are you?

Oscars edition: Which poesy ring are you?

In honor of the Oscars this weekend, we’re breaking down some of the top nominees and matching their character portrayals to our Poesy Ring Collection

Our poesy rings are a 500 year old idea made modern.  With individual inscriptions on each piece, poesy rings can be exchanged as expressions of friendship, inspiration and love.

Eddie Redmayne, The Theory of Everything | Carpe Diem

Hats are off to Eddie Redmayne who plays Stephen Hawking, The brilliant young cosmologist, who learns that he is suffering from a progressive motor neuron disease. Redmayne and his character are the definition of carpe diem.  Manipulating his own body, voice and mind the actor captures hawking achievements in the face of almost insurmountable adversity.  Seize the day!

Emma Stone, Birdman | Never Fear

Naturally, our W Cover Girl, Emma Stone receives our nomination for the Never Fear Poesy. Emma portrays Sam, the troubled daughter of a movie star trying to salvage his career and legacy. She is determined, strong and daring as she struggles to find her own path forward.  Ultimately, she is not afraid of taking chancing and following her heart. Never Fear.

Michael Keaton, Birdman | Dream

Michael Keaton plays Riggan, An actor best known for his decades old role as an iconic superhero. Riggan, who desperately wants to be taken seriously in his craft, steps away from films and focuses on writing an omit screen play. He battles to maintain his sanity, while trying to mend his family and career. He is on a path riddled with doubt, mis-steps and frustration, but Riggan endures, culminating in the opening of his play on broadway. The dream poesy is his, an inspiration to pursue your dreams and follow your heart.

Julianne Moore, Still Alice | Strength

The extremely gifted Julianne Moore takes on the role as Alice Howland, a renowned linguistics professor who learns that she is suffering from the early-onset of Alzheimer's disease. The irony that a linguistics professor begins to forget words is a terrifying irony, but Alice learns to cope with her disease and fight for control over her mind. Strength says everything about this performance.

Patricia Arquette, Boyhood | I love you more

The epic 12 year creation of Boyhood depicts the life journey of a young boy into manhood. Patricia Arquette portrays Olivia, a divorced mother struggling to make a life for herself and her two children. Her love is immeasurable, unbreakable and enduring. What embodies that better than I love you more.