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Our 5 Labor Day Getaway Essentials

Our 5 Labor Day Getaway Essentials

It's the Friday before Labor Day weekend, and hopefully you're either jet-setting somewhere, sitting in Hamptons traffic, or just taking a stay-cation in your city. Just as the majority of people never used to travel sans pocket watch, cigarette case or locket; we hope peoples' 21st century travel essentials still include an expressive charm bracelet, an image case with loved ones or a poesy ring with an inspiring inscription.

We are aware though, that the essentials for the present-day jetsetter include things other than keepsakes. It's why we comprised a list of the five things we think you absolutely need on your weekend away. Peruse our essentials and answer our question: What won't you travel without?

1. Shiseido Sun Protection Spray

2. Global Compass Charm

3. Dream Leather Journal

4. Ancient Greek Sandals

5. Saint James Striped Shirt