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Diamonds Reborn and Becoming a more Sustainable Jewelry Brand

Diamonds Reborn and Becoming a more Sustainable Jewelry Brand

Diamonds Reborn and Becoming a more Sustainable Jewelry Brand


Much has been written about recycled jewelry and sustainable jewelry. It is an area that is developing and our Diamonds Reborn collection is a major step forward as we try to create a more sustainable jewelry future for our brand. Before we introduce the newest styles in our Diamonds Reborn collection, we thought it might be helpful to talk a bit about some of the terms associated with this whole movement.


What is Recycled Jewelry?


On one level the ultimate recycled jewelry pieces are vintage fine jewelry items one might buy from a dealer, antique fair or flea market that they can make part of their personal jewelry box. Some of our favorite jewelry pieces are vintage styles from the past and Monica has a number of personal pieces like that which she cherishes. In that sense, finding a new life for an older piece of jewelry nicely fits the ultimate definition of recycled jewelry.


The reality is though, that not every jewelry piece can easily find a new home, so the next best thing is to remove the stones from an older jewelry piece and have the metal melted and refined back to its purest form. In that respect a gold jewelry piece can be melted for example, refined into pure recycled gold, and that gold can re-enter the supply chain to be crafted into a new jewelry style. It is a process that creates a circular life cycle for a gold jewelry piece by using recycled gold in the new design. So, whether that older jewelry piece was an under appreciated ring or earring, that recycled gold ring, or recycled gold earring can now have a new life in some other form.


What is Diamonds Reborn?


Diamonds Reborn is a collection we created that uses only post consumer recycled gold as outlined above, and repurposed natural diamonds from older jewelry styles, to create a brand new 18k gold fine jewelry style for a new generation. It reflects our commitment as a Certified B Corp. to create collections that will help ensure a more sustainable jewelry future.


All the styles in the Diamonds Reborn collection are limited by nature given the limited availability of repurposed diamonds. We have introduced a number of Diamonds Reborn drops throughout the year, and all have sold out quickly. We are excited to present a new group from the collection. Here are some of our favorite styles.


Baguette diamond bracelet
Diamond necklace

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